Auliya Allah By Prof. Khalid Parvaiz Pdf Download

Book Name: Auliya Allah

Writer: Professor Khalid Parvaiz


The book Auliya Allah Pdf is one of the most precious Islamic gift for all Muslims by Prof Khalid Parvaiz. By profession, he is a teacher but, his every word mix up in the hearts like life for the human being. He got fame by writing the book Allah Walay which covers all aspects of Islamic teachings for the readers.

The book Auliya Allah Pdf is about the life, teachings, and holy deeds of the greatest personalities who devoted their lives only to Islam and Allah. These are very famous Islamic Sufi Saints including Hazrat Awais Qarni, Hazrat Khwaja Hassan Basri, Hazrat Ibrahim Adham, Hazrat Zul Noon Misri.

Besides these, Lal Shahbaz, Khwaja Qutb Ud Din Bakhtyar Kaki, Sultan Bahu, Madhu Lal, Pir Mehar Ali Shah and Sachal Sarmast also devoted their lives to preach the people. Moreover, their every act was only for the revival of Islam. I hope you will like this book Auliya Allah Pdf.

Here, You can Download Prof Khalid Parvaiz Books in Pdf. You may also read Qasas Ul Auliya by Alam FaqriAllah Ke Mujahid by Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi.

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