Jilawatan Novel by Sagheer Ahmad Mashhadi Pdf

Book Name: Jilawatan Novel

Writer: Sagheer Ahmad Mashhadi


Sagheer Ahmad Mashhadi is the author of the Jilawatan Novel Pdf. The booklet’s author is a renowned story writer, fiction writer, and novelist. He authored many outstanding books published earlier in the leading digests. It brought him to limelight fame among the Urdu novelists.

The book Jilawatan Novel PDF is a favorite novelette of the Imran Series by Sagheer Ahmad Mashhadi. It was published for many years, and many readers liked this outstanding story. It is the story of a person who lands on Earth from another planet. He was amazed by the things that he had never seen before. His reaction differs from the things which he saw the very first time.

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