Piya Rang Kala Novel By Baba Yahya Khan Pdf

Book Name: Piya Rang Kala Novel

Writer: Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan


Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan is the author of the Piya Rang Kala Novel Pdf. Baba Yahya Khan is a famous Urdu writer, poet, and intellectual. He is the master of words; that is why every word has a place in the readers’ hearts. Yahya Khan spent much time with Ashfaq Ahmad and Bano Qudsia, which polished his talent.

The book Piya Rang Kala Novel PDF is one of the most popular stories by Baba Yahya Khan. It is the story of the monster Anaconda, who turns his shape into a human being. This giant snake is born as a beautiful animal, but with time, its color changes, and its eyes get white, creating fear among the people. So, those who saw this Anaconda lost the brightness of their eyes.

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