Madina Se White House Tak by M Anis Ur Rehman

Book Name: Madina Se White House Tak

Writer: M Anis Ur Rehman


M Anis Ur Rehman writes the book Madina Se White House Tak pdf. He is a prolific writer, researcher, and biographer. By writing this book, he got appreciation from the readers, especially students who wanted to know the reality of the 9/11 incident. It is the most prominent research of the writer who exposed the truth of the incident.

The book Madina Se White House Tak pdf is a masterpiece written by M Anis Ur Rehman. He wrote this booklet in the context of the 9/11 incident and the aftermath result of that event. Anis Ur Rehman also talked about Usama Bin Laden, the chief of Al Qaeda. Not only he exposed the reality, but he also gave some references from foreign writers about this havoc event. I hope you will like the book Madina Se White House Tak Pdf and share it with your social media friends.

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