Jang e Muqaddas Novel by Qamar Ajnalvi Pdf

Book Name: Jang e Muqaddas

Writer: Qamar Ajnalvi


Qamar Ajnalvi is the author of the book Jang e Muqaddas Novel. He is a great Urdu writer, historian, and novelist. He is among the top-class Urdu writers who got fame quickly. His books always got a massive readership due to the great demand for new stories.

The book Jang e Muqaddas Novel Pdf by Qamar Ajnalvi is one of his best-selling books. He wrote this book in the context of the Bait Ul Maqdas conquest. In the eleventh century, Sultan Salah Ud Din Ayubi conquered the most sacred place for Muslims, but after his death, Sultan Adil became the commander of the Muslims.

After the Crusade War, it was the right time when the 3rd Crusade War became imminent due to the Crusaders’ previous defeat. This book Jang e Muqaddas Novel, tells the Crusaders’ plan who wanted to regain Bait Ul Maqdas, but their attempt failed. Now, Sultan Adil defenced their power very well and defeated them. I hope you will like the book Jang e Muqaddas Novel Pdf by Qamar Ajnalvi and share it.

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