Main Ne Dhaka Doobte Dekha By Siddique Salik Pdf

Book Name: Main Ne Dhaka Doobte Dekha

Writer: Siddique Salik


The book Main Ne Dhaka Doobte Dekha Pdf is the Urdu translation of the English book ‘Witness to Surrender.’ The author of this historical book Siddique Salik was a One-Rank general in Pakistan Army who embraced martyrdom with then that President Gen. Zia Ul Haq. Apart from his job, he was also a great memoirist, writer, humorist, and novelist.

This book Main Ne Dhaka Doobte Dekha Pdf contains the views of sailors and army personnels who were confronting insurgencies. They faced a critical period during the regime of Yahya Khan whose policies caused severe devastation to both units of Pakistan. His policies eventually led to the debacle of East Pakistan in the shape of newborn Bangladesh. I hope you will also like this book Main Ne Dhaka Doobte Dekha Pdf.

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