Chah e Babul Novel by Qamar Ajnalvi Pdf Free

Book Name: Chah e Babul Novel

Writer: Qamar Ajnalvi


The book Chah e Babul Novel is another masterpiece written by Qamar Ajnalvi. He is one of the best Urdu writers who gained fame in a very brief period. Qamar Ajnalvi was a distinguished author, historian, biographer, and novelist. Besides all these characteristics, he was a famous Urdu author who authored almost one dozen books, becoming very popular among the readers.

The book Chah e Babul Novel Pdf by Qamar Ajnalvi is an excellent historical booklet. He wrote this novelette in the context of the conquest of the Babul Capital. Cyrus the Great was the conqueror who attacked the empire of Bakht Nasar and captured the area. It is a great historical novel in which the writer also tells about Haroot and Maroot.

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