Fatah e Afghanistan By Mustafa Kamal Pasha Pdf

Book Name: Fatah e Afghanistan

Writer: Mustafa Kamal Pasha


Mustafa Kamal Pasha is the writer of the book Fatah e Afghanistan Pdf. He is a Pakistani writer, journalist, defense analyst, and sometimes considered a historian. He authored this book and got appreciation from the masses. Due to his vast experience of the history of Afghanis, he mentioned many things which everyone doesn’t know.

The book Fatah e Afghanistan Pdf is wonderful historical writing about the Russian attack on Afghanistan back in the 90s. USSR or Soviet Union attacked the country and faced humiliation in the shape of defeat from the hands of Mujahideen. In this book, Mustafa Kamal Pasha told the reasons for the attack and highlighted the result’s backdrop scenario later. I hope you will like the book Fatah e Afghanistan Pdf by Mustafa Kamal Pasha and share it with your friends.

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