Jamal e Naqshband by Muhammad Ishaq Qureshi Pdf

Book Name: Jamal e Naqshband

Author: Dr. Muhamamd Ishaq Qureshi


The book Jamal e Naqshband Pdf is an Urdu language writing by Dr. Muhammad Ishaq Qureshi. He is an eminent scholar, researcher, and writer of Urdu. Dr. Ishaq Qureshi introduced a new method of learning for the followers of spiritual orders. It is a great book indeed by him covering all aspects of Sufism.

The book Jamal e Naqshband Pdf is about Sufism Naqshbandi’s most prolific spiritual order. This order of Sufism has deep-rooted in the Subcontinent, which spread later in all parts of the world. Hazrat Baha Ud Din Naqshband played a vital role in developing this new Sufi term.

In this lineageLater, the Mujaddad Alif Sani, Khawaja Baqi Billah, Mirza Mazhar Janaan, and Mian Sher Muhammad of Sharqpur Sharif also dignified this spiritual order. We hope our valued readers will like the book Jamal e Naqshband Pdf and share it with your social media friends.

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