Fatooh Ul Ghaib Urdu by Abdul Qadir Jilani Pdf

Book Name: Fatooh Ul Ghaib

Writer: Shaikh Abdul Qadir Gilani

Translator: Raja Rasheed Mehmood


Shaikh Abdul Qadir Gilani compiled the book Fatooh Ul Ghaib PDF. He was a great Sufi who preached to the people and invited them toward Allah. His great teachings brought him into the world as the most prominent preacher who gave him much respect. Shaikh Abdul Qadir Gilani asked them towards Allah and made them accurate Muslims through their good deeds.

Fatooh Ul Ghaib PDF is the best book on Tasawwaf by Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. Raja Rasheed Mehmood translated this book from the Arabic language into the Urdu language. This book comprehensively details Tasawwaf, which is imperative for entering Islam’s circle. This great work only refers to the most favorite personality, Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Gilani R.A. I hope you will like the book Fatooh Ul Ghaib PDF and share it.

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