Tazkira Panj Pir By Wahid Bakhsh Sial Rabbani Pdf

Book Name: Tazkira Panj Pir

Writer: Wahid Bakhsh Sial Rabbani


Al-Haaj Wahid Bakhsh Sial Rabbani is the author of the book Tazkira Panj Pir Pdf. It is another famous work by the author that tells the achievements of great Sufi Saints. Wahid Bakhsh Sial Rabbani is a prominent scholar, biographer, translator, and Sufi of the Chishti order in Pakistan. He translated Kashful Majoob, Jawami ul Kalim, and Lawaih e Jami in Urdu and English.

Tazkira Panj Pir PDF contains the most prominent Sufis’ and saints’ biographies. All these Saints belong to the Chishti order of Sufism. They preached to the masses and converted them to Muslims. This book contains Khwaja Moeen Ud Din Chishti, Khwaja Qutbud Din Bakhtiar, Shaikh Fareed Ud Din Masood Ganj Shakar, Ali Ahmed Sabri, and Hazrat Nizam Ud Din Auliya.

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