Jadeed Tareekh By Dr Mubarak Ali Pdf Download

Book Name: Jadeed Tareekh

Writer: Dr. Mubarak Ali


The book Jadeed Tareekh Pdf is excellent historiography by Dr. Mubarak Ali. He is an eminent Urdu language writer, novelist, and historian from Pakistan. He authored more than two dozen books on various topics but, history always remained his priority. Moreover, he is an established author who has best-seller books on his credit.

Dr. Mubarak Ali is the leading historian from Pakistan of the current era. His book Jadeed Tareekh Pdf contains modern-day’s history like America and Europe. Even though he gave a touch to the past and never forgot to develop the modern time. In this book, Mubarak Ali described the revolutionary period of some developed nations. I hope you will like to read the book Jadeed Tareekh Pdf and share it with your friends.

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