Gharnata Ka Chopan By Aslam Rahi MA Pdf

Book Name: Gharnata Ka Chopan

Writer: Aslam Rahi MA


Aslam Rahi MA is the author of the book Gharnata Ka Chopan Novel. It is another brilliant writing of the greatest Urdu writer. He is such a phenomenal historian who wrote the history of the Muslims. He produced more than 4 dozen books but got fame by writing historical Novels.

The book Gharnata Ka Chopan Novel is a historical Islamic adventure story by Aslam Rahi MA. It is the story of the downfall of the Muslims in Europe. Muslims ruled there for more than 8 centuries, but their downfall started with Muhammad II’s surrender. Since the Umayyad dynasty, Muslims were ruling in Spain, Iberia, Portugal with glory. In 1492, the king of Muslims sought the suzerainty of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella and stepped down from the kingdom.

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