Heer Waris Shah By Peeran Dita Targarh Pdf Download

Book Name: Heer Waris Shah

Writer: Syed Waris Ali Shah


Peeran Dita is the author of the book Heer Waris Shah Pdf. Syed Waris Shah the great Sufi, Saint, and Poet of his time. Syed Waris Ali Shah is the original writer of the book which later compiled by many writers. It is one of the most famous folk stories of Punjab about Heer And Ranjha. They are the living character who made Punjab; the land of true love.

The book Heer Waris Shaha Pdf is a beautiful folk story of the districts of Sargodha and Jhang. Some people call it as the fiction story but, the writer gives a detail about the famous tale of western Punjab. This book consists of timeless character which gives a moral lesson about the culture, language, and social values. Syed Waris Shah was the disciple of a famous Sufi Syed Ghulam Murtaza Qasuri. Syed Bulleh Shah was also a great Punjabi poet, Sufi, and Saint who learned from the same teacher.

Heer Waris Shah is a spiritual touch to human feelings. It’s all about a folk which revolves around the Heer who was the daughter of Mehar Chuchak. He was the friend of Daulat Khan Lodhi who was the ruler of the Indian subcontinent. The plot of the book is very breathtaking because it gives a mesmerising feeling about the story. Moreover, this book Heer Waris Shah pdf is a whimsical story which touches the souls of every human. I hope you will like Heer Waris Shah book pdf.

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