Billi Ka Bacha Afsane By Athar Shah Khan Pdf Download

Book Name: Billi Ka Bacha

Writer: Athar Shah Khan


Athar Shah Khan is the author of the funny book Billi Ka Bacha Pdf. The author of these short stories is the famous humorist and writer. He has been writing for a long time and got fame by writing the short stories. He has an excellent command over the words and he produced many interesting books.

The book Billi Ka Bacha Pdf is the collection of some amazing short stories. In these stories, the author told the hypocritic faces of the people towards the poor people. He highlighted the traditions, customs, narratives, and adverse conditions in an excellent manner.

You can download Athar Shah Khan books in Pdf from your favourite Urdu website. You may also read Jo Dekha Jo SunaTalism Hosh AfzaNepal Nagri.

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