Hazrat Maryam A.S By Harun Yahya Pdf Download

Book Name: Hazrat Maryam A.S

Writer: Harun Yahya


Harun Yahya is the author of the book Hazrat Maryam A.S Urdu Pdf. Harun Yahya wrote this kind book on the life of the mother of the prophet Hazrat Isa A.S. The Christians of the world know this prophet as Jesus Christ and have faith in his prophethood. They consider that he will give them honour at the day of judgment. There is also a surah in the Quran with the name Surah Al-Maryam.

This book Hazrat Maryam A.S Pdf is the Urdu translation of the English version Maryam: An Exemplary Muslim Woman. It is the biography of the mother of Prophet Hazrat Isa. Allah chose this very pious woman on the earth for the miracle of the birth of the child without any father. After the birth of the Prophet Jesus, people raise many questions about the piousness of his mother. Then, the boy spoke before them while he was in the cradle.

I hope you like the book Hazrat Maryam A.S Urdu Pdf. Here on the site, you can download Harun Yahya’s books in Pdf. You can also read Muwatta Imam Malik Urdu Translation & Kirdar e Yazeed Ka Tehqeeqi Jaiza¬†and Inam Yafta Taqreeren.

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