Talkhees Izhar Ul Haq Urdu By Rahmatullah Kairanawi Pdf

Book Name: Talkhees Izhar Ul Haq

Writer: Rahmatullah Kairanvi


Allama Shaikh Rahmatullah Kiranawi Al Hind is the compiler of the book Talkhees Izhar Ul Haq Pdf. He is the greatest scholar of India who was best known as Sunni Muslims scholar and author at that time. He was the descendant of the third great Caliph Hazrat Uthman Bin Affan. His grandfather was the physician of the Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great.

The book Talkhees Izahar Ul Haqq Pdf is the classical work by Rehmat Kairanawi. He compiled this book to respond to Christians criticism of Islam. Izhar Ul Haq initially written in Arabic context and it comprises of six volumes which later, translated into Urdu and other languages. Moreover, western scholars use this book to ascertain the errors and contradictions in Bible. I hope you will love to share this book Talkhees Izhar Ul Haq Pdf.

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