Alamaat Urdu By Prof Ahmed Rafique Akhtar Pdf

Book Name: Alamaat Urdu

Writer: Professor Ahmed Rafique Akhtar


The book Alamaat Urdu Pdf is another heart-opening writing of Prof Ahmed Rafique Akhtar. He is one of the greatest writers, mentors, inspiring people, Islamic scholar scholars, and great intellectuals who inspired many individuals. Ahmed Rafique Akhtar authored many excellent books, which earned him massive fame among the Muslims. His considerable efforts to revive the Islamic era with a scientific approach made him enthusiastic.

The book Alamaat Urdu Pdf is an excellent compilation by the writer. This book includes lectures about the existence of human life on earth. The universe came into being only for the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). And, the remaining all things became imperative only for the oneness of Allah Almighty. Moreover, this book gives complete detail about the universe. So, there are many indications about the existence of this universe in which we are living. I hope you like the book Alamaat Urdu by Ahmed Rafique Akhtar and share it with your friends.

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