Hannibal Urdu By Harold Lamb Download Pdf

Book Name: Hannibal Urdu

Writer: Harold Lamb


Harold Lamb is the author of the book Hannibal Urdu Pdf. The author of the book is a famous historian and novelist. He wrote many excellent books which earned him the title of a great story writer and screenplay writer. His many books urged him huge fame across the globe. Genghis Khan and the Mongol Hord, The Crusade: The Flame Of Islam and Wolf of The Steppes are the best novels by the writer.

The book Hannibal Urdu Pdf is another masterpiece work of Harold Lamb. It is the biography of the great commander of the Carthage army. He was the contemporary leader of the greatest commanders like Julius Ceasar, Alexander the great, and Scipio Africanus. He was the great military commander with super strategy measures. Some of the historians named him with the title of Father of Strategy. We hope you will like this book Hannibal Urdu Pdf.

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