Waqt Ka Safar by Stephen Hawking Free Pdf

Book Name: Waqt Ka Safar

Writer: Stephen Hawking

Translator: Nazir Mehmood


Stephen Willian Hawking is the author of Waqt Ka Safar Pdf (A Brief History Of Time). He is the director of the research center for theoretical cosmology at the University of Cambridge. He is also a great English theoretical physicist, mathematician, philosopher, and cosmologist who presented various relativity and quantum mechanics theories. Moreover, his theoretical predictions about black holes gave him immense fame worldwide.

The book Waqt Ka Safar Pdf is the Urdu translation of his book A Brief History Of Time. This book was translated into many languages globally and remained the best-selling book ever, lasting 237 weeks. This book gave the perceptions about black holes, time, space, and quantum mechanics.

Furthermore, the general theory of relativity and quantum activity is the world’s greatest Briton’s basic interpretation. I hope you will like the book Waqt Ka Safar Pdf and share it with your friends. Nazir Mehmood translated his English book A Bried History Of Time into the Urdu language you may read in Pdf.

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