Kulliyat e Bashir Badr By Bashir Badr Pdf

Book name: Kulliyat e Bashir Badr

Writer: Syed Muhammad Bashir Badr


Bashir Badar compiled the beautiful poetry book Kulliyat e Bashir Badr Pdf. He was a notable writer, intellectual, philosopher, and poet. He was a former Professor at Aligarh University, India. Poetry readers appreciated his classical work for the promotion of poetry. After his death, his poetry became a particular part of the books.

The book Kulliyat e Bashir Badr Pdf is an excellent collection of poetry. It consists of poems, ghazals, and stanzas. Before compiling this Kuliyaat, he wrote a poetry book, ‘Kisi Sham Ghar Raha Karo,’ which became very famous. He also used fascinating sentences in this booklet, making the poetry romantic. I hope you like the book Kulliyat e Bashir Badr Pdf and share it with your friends on social media.

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