Shah Waliullah Ke Afkar O Nazriat by Siddique Zia

Book Name: Shah Waliullah Ke Afkar O Nazriat

Writer: M Siddique Zia


M Siddique Zia is the author of the book Shah Waliullah Ke Afkar O Nazriat Pdf. The author compiled this book about Islam’s great mentor’s teachings, perceptions, theories, and practices. He was a great thinker, philosopher, and preacher of Islamic teachings. Shah Waliullah preached to the people of the Indian subcontinent and also influenced the Mughal Empire.

It was a time when the Mughal emperor had the wrong beliefs. And this time, Shah Waliullah came forward and negated the theories of Mughal rulers. This book is all about the most outstanding personality’s lifespan and teachings.

Shah Waliullah was the only person at that time when the wrong practices made the entire subcontinent a hell place. But, he brought from the darkness to the light one. I hope you will like the book Shah Waliullah Ke Afkar O Nazriat Pdf and share it with your friends.

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