Dil Torna Mana Hai Novel By Nasir Hussain Pdf

Book Name: Dil Torna Mana Hai Novel

Writer: Nasir Hussain


Dil Torna Mana Hai is an outstanding social, romantic Urdu Novel written by Nasir Hussain. It is the story of a kind-hearted and wealthy boy who falls in love with a poor innocent girl. She gets fear when the boy proposes to her. This novel is currently published in a famous digest in serialized form and securing much fame for the writer. The plot of the story is fascinating as it shows the inclination of the rich towards the poor.

Nasir Hussain is an eminent novelist, playwright, and Urdu writer. He got fame by writing several best selling novels, including Har Dil Pe Likha Ik Naam Hai, December Laut Ana Tum, Emaan Aur Ishq, Mera Dil Mera Nahi, Saat Samandar Paar Hai Mera Dil, Baraf Ke Phool, etc. All these novels brought him to mainstream fame. Now, Nasir Hussain has become the apple’s eye of many readers. I hope you will like the book Dil Torna Mana Hai Novel Pdf and share it.

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