Tum Meri Zeest Ka Hasil Ho By Iqra Sagheer Ahmad Pdf

Book Name: Tum Meri Zeest Ka Hasil Ho

Writer: Iqra Sagheer Ahmad


Iqra Sagheer Ahmad is the author of Tum Meri Zeest Ka Hasil Ho Novel. Iqra Sagheer Ahmad is a well-known young female writer and novelist. She authored many outstanding books which earned him the title of a great story writer. She started writing for the monthly digest and still writing for it. Her stories published earlier in the episode but, now available in the booklet form.

The book Tum Meri Zeest Ka Hasil Ho Novel Pdf is an excellent social and romantic story by her. In this novel, the writer describes the difficulties of women in society. There is no doubt that woman is the softest gender in this world, and she can not speak openly as men do. The society in which we live, create hurdles in the way of them. But, they do not lose their tamper as well as heart to meet their destination. It is a fantastic story about emotions, feelings, and gearing up the spirit to find the destination.

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