Alif Laam Meem Novel By Falak Shair Malik Pdf

Book Name: Alif Laam Meem Novel

Writer: Falak Shair Malik


The Alif Laam Meem Novel Pdf is a social and cultural story by Falak Shair Malik. This novel was published in a famous digest some days ago and secured tremendous fame. In this novel, the writer describes the struggles of the people of occupied Indian Kashmir. They have been struggling since 1947 and have faced many cruelties from the Indian troops.

Indian forces killed many innocents, including children and women, in the name of terrorism. Moreover, there is a silent message of hope in the story. It gives courage to the people who have been under the seige for a long time. Falak Shair Malik is a new writer trying to uncover India’s natural face. He is an excellent novelist who penned several best-selling stories and novels.

Falak Shair Malik becomes the youngest writer by having a separate recognition as more realistic than any other. His stories are currently published in famous digests and magazines. I hope you will like the book Alif Laam Meem Novel Pdf and share it.

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