Danish e Arab O Ajam By Ghulam Jilani Barq Pdf

Book Name: Danish e Arab O Ajam

Writer: Dr Ghulam Jilani Barq


Dr. Ghulam Jilani Barq is the author of the book Danish e Arab O Ajam pdf. He is a great Urdu writer, speaker, and scholar. H became famous by writing Islamic books under the banner of Hikayat of great Islamic personalities. Now, the readers read his book thoroughly with passion.

The book Danish e Arab O Ajam pdf by Ghulam Jilani Barq is one of his great books of all time. This book is the treasure of knowledge and consists of short stories. These short stories are based on the sayings of the two great scholars of Islam, Hazrat Shaikh Saadi and the mystic Sufi Hazrat Maulana Jalal Ud Din Rumi R.A. I hope you like the book Danish e Arab O Ajam Pdf by Ghulam Jilani Barq and share it with your friends.

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