Ashiq e Rasool by Abdullah Raza Nasir Pdf

Book Name: Ashiq e Rasool

Writer: Syed Abdullah Raza Nasir


Syed Abdullah Raza Nasir is the author of the book Ashiq e Rasool Pdf. He wrote this book in the context of the killing of Salman Taseer – former governor of Punjab. Ghazi Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri killed him due to his irreverent interview on the Touheen e Risalat act in Pakistan. Asia Bibi, who committed blasphemy, had a tough time, and the entire Muslims of Pakistan took this matter seriously.

The book Ashiq e Rasool pdf is about Ghazi Mumtaz Hussain, who killed Salman Taseer. The former governor tried to save Asia Bibi and called the Touheen e Risalat to act a black law which infuriated Mumtaz Hussain.

They were en route to Islamabad when he killed the governor. He showed his love for the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW and told the entire world about Rasool e Kareem’s love. I hope you will like the book Ashiq e Rasool Pdf and share it.

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