Sunan Darqutni Urdu By Abul Hassan Darqutni Pdf

Book Name: Sunan Darqutni Urdu

Writer: Imam Abul Hassan Ali Bin Umar Darqutni

Translator: Abul Ula Muhammad Mohiuddin Jahangir


Abul Hassan Ali Bin Umar Darqutni is the author of Sunan Darqutni Urdu Pdf. He was a prominent scholar of Islam who encouraged the way of teachings. Abu Nuaym and Imam Hakim learned from their teacher.

They later taught it to their disciples after getting much knowledge of Hadith. Abul Ula Muhammad Mohiuddin Jahangir translated this famous book of Arabic into Urdu. Moreover, the book Sunan Darqutni Urdu is an instrumental work on the Hadith e Mubarak.

The book Sunan Darqutni Urdu is a collection of more than four thousand Ahadith. Imam Darqutni spent most of his time on the compilation of the Ahadith. It is one of the most extensive compilations of Hadith by any individual. Because he was a famous Muhadith in Baghdad named Darqutan, he always tried to teach the knowledge of Hadith e Rasool SAWW.

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