Bint e Halab Novel By Sadiq Hussain Siddiqui Pdf

Book Name: Bint e Halab Novel

Writer: Sadiq Hussain Siddiqui


Sadiq Hussain Siddiqui is the author of the book Bint e Halab Novel. Sadiq Hussain Siddiqui is a famous writer, novelist, and historiographer. He authored many best selling historical books and novels which earned him the title of a great historian from India Subcontinent. Besides this, he always tries to write on the events that contain moral lessons.

The book Bint e Halab Novel Pdf is the story about the Muslims conquest of Qaisar O Kasra (Persia and Rome). Muslims defeated both superpowers under the great military commander during the reign of second Caliphate Hazrat Umar R.A. This novel contains the story of the Halab City of Syria when Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed defeated the Romans. Moreover, he conquered the city and entered as a conqueror. The writer describes the whole plot in the shape of a novel, and it starts with the hostage of an Arab girl there.

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