Aurat Aur Aabshar Novel By Balwant Singh Pdf

Book Name: Aurat Aur Aabshar Novel

Writer: Balwant Singh


Balwant Singh is the author of the book Aurat Aur Aabshar Novel Pdf. It is a tremendous Urdu romantic novel in which the writer describes the beauty of women love. It is a separate type of topic which covers the rituals of tribal areas. There is also a touch of compulsion, deprivations, and the revenge for regaining the powers. Lust, along with love, has become the problem of nowadays romantic values. This one is an epic novel containing the powers of love, hate, and retaliation.

Balwant Singh is a famous Afsana Nigar and novelist. He is famous for modern Urdu literature writings. He penned a number of best-selling books including Rat Chor Aur Chand, Aik Mamooli Larki, Balwant Singh Ke Shahkar Afsane, and his popular autobiography. Most of his book published in 19s and he acclaimed fame widely. His short stories have an epic impact on the minds of the readers. I hope you will like the book Aurat Aur Aabshar Novel Pdf and share it.

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