Bheegi Hui Rut Mein Novel by Saleha Mehmood Pdf

Book Name: Bheegi Hui Rut Mein

Writer: Saleha Mehmood


Saleha Mehmood is the author of the book Bheegi Hui Rut Mein Novel Pdf. She is a favorite female writer and novelist. Saleha Mehmood authored this novella and earned fame among female writers. She has been pretty good over the years for her outstanding efforts in the Urdu language. Now, she is regularly writing for monthly magazines and digests and earning enormous respect from the readers.

The book Bheegi Hui Rut Mein Novel Pdf is a remarkable work by Saleha Mehmood. It is a phenomenal story that revolves around the stages of love. Love doesn’t seek any gap in natural relations, so two lovers’ closure is imperative. The writer also puts more charm by drawing the rainy weather scenes in the mid of the story. These conditions make it a great romantic story by any female author.

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