Mujrim Mehram Novel By Malik Safdar Hayat Pdf

Book Name: Mujrim Mehram

Writer: Malik Safdar Hayat


Malik Safdar Hayat is the author of Mujrim Mehram Novel Pdf. He is a former DSP police who rendered her services in the police department. Malik Safdar Hayat is a great story writer, realistic, and novelist. His many stories became very famous among the readers due to facts reports.

The book Mujrim Mehram Novel Pdf is another thriller story by him. It is the story which tells the criminal mindset up of the culprits. It is a great story based on crime which the writer interrogated during her duty time. These are the scariest moments about the crimes. I hope you like the book by Malik Safdar Hayat and share it with your friends.

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