Bazurgan e Lahore By Ghulam Dastgeer Nami Pdf

Book Name: Bazurgan e Lahore

Writer: Peer Ghulam Dastgeer Nami


Peer Ghulam Dastgeer Nami writes Bazurgan e Lahore Book. The author of the book is a prominent Islamic scholar. Mufti Ghulam Sarwar Lahori is the grandfather of Ghulam Dastgeer Nami. He was a well-known scholar, historian, and mystic Sufi of Islam. They had a lineage of knowledge by inheritance. He wrote the book on the life, teachings, and virtues of the famous Saint living in Lahore.

This Bazurgan e Lahore Book is the biography of the greatest Saints and Sufis. Lahore is the oldest place in the province of Punjab. It is also a historical place founded earlier in the reign of Muslims in the Indian subcontinent. Ghulam Dastgeer compiled the book on the most outstanding Islamic personalities and got appreciation from the followers of these saints.

This book includes the Hazrat Usman Ali Hajveri al Maroof Data Ganj Bakhsh, Hazrat Mian Mir, Meeran Hussain Zinjani, Bibi Pak Daman, and much more. Moreover, the Bazurgan e Lahore Book briefly details their lives and teachings.

Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh became famous in Lahore due to his Islamic teachings. He preached to the people of Lahore, and many people entered Islam due to his excellent preaching. Many Hindus also joined in the Deen e Islam. I hope you will like the book Bazurgan e Lahore Pdf and share it.

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