Abaqa Novel Urdu by Tahir Javed Mughal Pdf

Book name: Abaqa Novel

Writer: Tahir Javed Mughal


Tahir Javed Mughal is the writer of Abaqa Novel Pdf. The author of the book is a well-known writer, playwright, and novelist. He authored some quality books, which earned him a lot of success among the Urdu writers. He wrote on the topic of history and wrote romantic stories, which gave him high prestige within a short time.

The book Abaqa Novel Pdf is a masterpiece work of Tahir Javed Mughal. It is a wonderful story of a young man who faces hardships in his life. He always remains constant about the future time of his life. At the same time, the Halagu Khan captured Iraq’s nearest areas and destroyed everything that came their way. It influenced the young man but, he looked into the plans and became successful. I hope you will like the book Abaqa Novel Pdf by Tahir Javed Mughal and share it.

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