Aurat Iblees Aur Khuda By Idrees Azad Pdf Free Download

Book Name: Aurat Iblees Aur Khuda

Writer: Idrees Azad


The book Aurat Iblees Aur Khuda Pdf is a masterpiece writing by Idrees Azad. He is a great Pakistani Urdu writer and Novelist. He grabbed the attention of masses by writing short stories for the readers. With the passage of time, he enhanced his profession by giving some precious time to poetry. This book Aurat Iblees Aur Khuda is an excellent answer to Non-Muslims and other religions such as Judaism, Jews, and Christianity.

The book Aurat Iblees Aur Khuda Pdf is an amazing work which tells the thinking of the Western world about Islam. The writer told the ideas of the non-muslims and other religions of the world about Muslims. He wrote that one day he was sitting with a non-muslim and debated then, he told about his views about Islam. He more explored that Islam is not a right religion because of its permission for a man of more than one marriages with women. The author tried to answer all other religions through this excellent book about their misconceptions. I hope you will like this book Aurat Iblees Aur Khuda Pdf.

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