Ibn ul Waqt By Deputy Nazir Ahmad Pdf Download

Book Name: Ibn Ul Waqt

Writer: Deputy Nazir Ahmad


Deputy Nazir Ahmed is the author of the book Ibn Ul Waqt Novel Pdf. Deputy Nazir Ahmed is the biggest name in the history of Urdu literature. He authored many super hit books which still considered as the greatest writing by any writer in the 20th century. Mirat Ul Uroos and Tauba Tul Nasooh are the two top leading books which gave him real respect among the Urdu writers. He was the staunch advocate of the Muslims revival in United India.

The book Ibn Ul Waqt Novel Pdf is the masterpiece work of Deputy Nazir Ahmed. He wrote this book in the context of the war that broke out as the result of the rebellion activities of 1857. Muslims, along with the help of the different sects like Hindu and Sikh, stood against the British policies in 1857. It led to a massive movement against the British, but they soon overwhelmed the worse scenario. So, it is a novel about the war of independence against the British Crown and their atrocities in the Subcontinent.

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