Ghuraba Novel By Dr Bint e Islam Pdf Free Download

Book Name: Ghuraba Novel

Writer: Dr Bint e Islam


The book Ghuraba Novel is an amazing Social, Romantic story written by Dr Bint e Islam. By profession, she is a physician but, she is fond of writing. Over the time, she authored some excellent stories which published in the famous digests. She is a young talented writer who grabbed the attention of the Urdu readers with her beautiful stories.

This book Ghuraba Novel Pdf is an excellent inspirational story which got huge readership. It is the story of the boy who has sound knowledge of Islam and committed to working for it. On the contrary, the girl to whom he loves deviates from the religion which causes him serious tens. It is a life-changing Novel which every young man must have in his library. I hope you will also like this superb book Ghuraba Novel Pdf.

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