Ishq Aik Churail Ka By Inspector Mehboob Alam Pdf

Book Name: Ishq Aik Churail Ka

Writer: Inspector Mehboob Alam


Inspector Mehboob Alam is the author of the book Ishq Aik Churail Ka Pdf. It is a collection of four criminal and investigating stories. All these stories contain thriller, action, suspense, and a criminal point of view. This novel has four episodes with separate titles, including Reshmi Rumaal Aur Dil Mein Teer, Raat Ke Rehzan, Rangeela Budha Aur Bandooq, etc.

Inspector Mehboob Alam is a prolific Urdu short story writer and novelist. He is a former Police Officer who has a vast experience in the field of investigation. Inspector Mehboob Alam interrogated many criminals and put them under his observation for an experiment. After retirement from the Police department, he used to pen those actual events in the shape of a book. He is regularly writing all those true stories that have followed huge fans across the country. I hope you will like the book Ishq Aik Churail Ka Novel Pdf and share it with the others.

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