Allah Ke Baghi By Mansoor Ahmed Butt Pdf

Book Name: Allah Ke Baghi

Writer: Mansoor Ahmed Butt


The book Allah Ke Baghi Pdf is written by Mansoor Ahmed Butt. It is the best book which gives a lesson from the past. This book discloses all the facts of the past nations destructed due to their heinous acts.

Allah sent his Prophets in the world for the preachings which show them the right path. But, people didn’t accept these teachings and laughed over the preachings of these Prophets. It unveils the past facts about the nations of those Prophets who taught them about the oneness of Allah.

We hope that you will like the book Allah Ke Baghi Pdf. You can download Mansoor Ahmed Butt books in Pdf. You may read Kulliyat e Zahoori, Allah Ke Safeer and Rah e Kamil.

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