Mujaddid Hazarah Doem By Prof Dr. Masood Ahmad Pdf

Book Name: Mujaddid Hazarah Doem

Author: Prof Dr. Muhammad Masood Ahmad


Professor Dr. Muhammad Masood Ahmad is the author of the book Mujaddid Hazarah Doem Pdf. He is a prolific researcher, writer, and scholar of Islam. He authored some best books on Tasawwaf and Islam. It is one of the most reading books among all which is about the great scholar of Muslims.

The book Mujaddid Hazarah Doem Pdf is the biography of Hazrat Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi. He belonged to Naqashbandi order of Sufism and titled as Mujaddid which means the reviver of the works. He stood tall against the Mughal rulers and opposed Din i Ilahi of Akbar. Hazrat Sheikh Ahmad Sirhind popularly known as Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Sani is the second-millennium Mujaddid in Islam. I hope you will like to read the book Mujaddid Hazarah Doem Pdf.

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