Afkar e Pareshan By Justice M.R. Kayani Pdf

Book Name: Afkar e Pareshan

Writer: Justice M.R. Kayani


The book Afkar e Pareshan Pdf is somewhat an autobiography of M.R. Kayani. This book is a collection of speeches he delivered at different places in West Pakistan. It contains some funny articles which reflect his humor. The writer adequately describes his notion against dictatorship in Pakistan. It is such a comic collection of his ideas and thoughts which brought him to fame.

Justice M.R Kayani has been the Chief Justice of Pakistan from 1958 to 1962. He was the only jurist at that time who opposed the politics of General Ayub Khan. He showed a keen interest in democracy rather than dictatorship. In this book Afkar e Pareshan Pdf, he gave many subjects to ensure democracy. Due to his literary services, he was awarded Adam Ji Literary Award.

Most of his speeches brought upheaval in the politics of Pakistan. It was the right time when he opposed General Ayub Khan. Justice Kayani stood tall against the aggression of the military regime. It indicates his positive thinking to the readers. So, read this collection of speeches and share it.

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