Zard Aangan Novel By Roohi Farrukh Pdf

Book Name: Zard Aangan Novel

Writer: Roohi Farrukh


The book Zard Aangan Novel Pdf is an excellent social, reforming story by Roohi Farrukh. In this novel, the writer describes the days and nights of a girl whose husband gave her divorce. She married that man after the will of her parents. With time, the internal conflicts and misunderstandings brought their separation havoc.

Now, that girl has a beautiful child whose nourishment was become a challenge for a single mom. She did not care about society and took her every struggle on a lighter note to better the child. It was when she brought up her apple eye with difficulties. The story has a lot of quests and a mixture of feelings, including love, deception, hate, emotions, and textures.

Roohi Farrukh is a Canadian base Pakistani writer and novelist. She usually writes based on her feelings. She cares a lot about the rights of women struggling in society without having any alternative shelter to their in-laws’ houses. I hope you will like the book Zard Aangan Novel Pdf by Roohi Farrukh and share it.

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