Tuloo e Aman Novel by Hafiz Shahid Amin Pdf

Book Name: Tuloo e Aman Novel

Writer: Hafiz Shahid Amin


Hafiz Shahid Amin is the author of Tuloo e Aman Novel Pdf. The author is a well-known writer, researcher, and scholar of Islam. He developed the idea of giving the lesson to the newcomers in the circle of Islam. His considerable efforts for promoting Islamic teachings brought him to the limelight fame among the scholars of Islam.

The book Tuloo e Aman Novel Pdf (The Rise Of Peace) is excellent writing by Hafiz Shahid Amin. He wrote this book in the context of the Muslims rise and fall in the world. Muslims rose in the world by the force of Peace that was the biggest weapon, and they triumphed by dint of this very useful. But, this rise didn’t remain longer, and when they left the rope of Allah loosely then, they saw fall.

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