Woh Din Novel by Anwar Aligi Pdf Download

Book Name: Woh Din Novel

Writer: Anwar Aligi


Anwar Aligi is the writer of the book Woh Din Novel Pdf. The author is a great fiction writer, playwright, and novelist. He authored some tremendous stories published in the digests, but now, his books are available in booklet form. His provoking style of writing the books earned him limelight fame in a short time.

The book Woh Din Novel pdf is a heart-wrenching story by Anwar Aligi. It is the story of a woman who deceives her husband. She shows her love for the fake tumor, but she loves another boy. Her disloyalty to her husband brings her to the darkness, and she leaves him very soon. After leaving her husband, she finds that her lover doesn’t ready to accept her, and he deceits her. Then, she returns, but her husband kills her.

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