Sukhan Zareefi By Dr Syed Mazhar Abbas Rizvi Pdf

Book Name: Sukhan Zareefi

Writer: Syed Mazhar Abbas Rizvi


The book Sukhan Zareefi Pdf is a collection of funny poetry by Syed Mazhar Abbas Rizvi. He is the author of the Tanzia o Mazahiya Shairi and a great humorist. Further, Syed Mazhar Abbas authored excellent comic books and massive acclaimed success. His every poetry fetches the attention of the funny Shairi readers.

Sukhan Zareefi Pdf contains poetry full of fun and humor by Syed Mazhar Abbas Rizvi. One of his best-selling and reading books forces the readers to laugh unstoppably. It has many humorous characters, which bring more charm to the poetry. This funny book is a blend of sentences and stories. I hope you will love to read this funny poetry book Sukhan Zareefi Pdf and share it with others.

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