Mazahiya Shayari Ka Encyclopedia By Yousaf Misali Pdf

Book Name: Mazahiya Shayari Ka Encyclopedia

Writer: Yousaf Misali


Yousaf Misali is the author of the book Mazahiya Shayari Ka Encyclopedia Pdf. The author compiled this to make happiness and create fun. Yousaf Misali tried to collect the best humorist and their works in one booklet. For this, he also highlighted the main issues of the society faced by the poets.

The book Mazahiya Mazahiya Shayari Ka Encyclopedia Pdf is a collection of funny poetry. It includes the poetry written by famous poets and humorists. In addition to this, Yousaf Misali took the preface of great writers like Anwar Masood, Khalid Masood, Dilawar Firag, etc. To make it funnier, the writer described their experiences in this regard. I hope you will like this book Mazahiya Shayari Ka Encyclopedia Pdf and share it with the others to make them laugh.

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