Atlas Seerat e Nabvi By Shawqi Abu Khalil Pdf

Book Name: Atlas Seerat e Nabvi

Writer: Dr. Shawqi Abu Khalil


Dr. Shawqi Abu Khalil is the author of the book Atlas Seerat e Nabvi PDF. He is an Arabic writer and historian who authored excellent journals. Besides this, Shawqi Abu Khalil was a great scholar who presented various things about the teachings of Islam and became famous. But, he gained limelight fame when he wrote this book about the Seerat of Prophet Muhammad.

The book Atlas Seerat e Nabvi PDF contains the wars, places, events, battles, and many informative things relating to the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. It is such excellent writing which tells the entire events step by step with the help of maps. Shawqi Abu Khalil quoted many trustworthy references to make the book more comprehensive. I hope you will like the book Atlas Seerat e Nabvi PDF by Shawqi Abu Khalil and share it.

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