Fatawa Rizvia Urdu Complete by Imam Ahmad Raza Pdf

Book Name: Fatawa Rizvia

Writer: Imam Ahmad Raza Khan


Imam Ahmad Raza Khan is the author of the book Fatawa Rizvia Urdu Pdf. The author was a prominent Islamic scholar, jurist, ascetic, reformer, Sufi, and theologian in British India. Imam Ahmad Raza Khan compiled the two most valuable books Kanzul Iman and Fatawa Razawiyya, which are very popular worldwide. This book contains the most authentic knowledge and the solution to them.

The book Fatawa Rizvia Urdu Pdf is comprising of 30 complete volumes. This book has more than 22,000 pages, and it gives the solution of 6,840 questions relating to various issues. It is a comprehensive guide to all those who want to know the answer to their social issues in life. It is such a great work of Fiqh Hanafi, which is the biggest sect of Mulism. I hope you will like the book Fatawa Rizvia Urdu Pdf Complete by Imam Ahmad Raza Khan and share it.

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