Rijal Ul Ghaib by Pirzada Iqbal Ahmad Pdf

Book Name: Rijal Ul Ghaib

Writer: Pirzada Iqbal Ahmad Farooqi


Pirzada Iqbal Ahmad Farooqi is the author of the book Rijal Ul Ghaib Pdf. The writer of this book is a great scholar, speaker, and spiritual teacher in Pakistan. Pirzada Iqbal Ahmad Farooqi has many following people who admit his superiority for the knowledge of Tasawwaf. Due to his excellent command of speaking skills, he is turning ‘s livesmany people’s lives into the circle of Islam.

The book Rijal Ul Ghaib Pdf by Pirzada Iqbal Ahmad Farooqi is a beautiful Islamic gift for all Muslims. The writer described the stages of Tasawwaf in this book in detail and told how a mystic passes these steps. There are a lot of people who passed the examination of Tasawaf and became eminent Sufis and Saints. Now, they are teaching a more significant number of individuals worldwide.

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