Aur Talwar Toot Gai Novel By Naseem Hijazi Pdf

Book Name: Aur Talwar Toot Gai  / اور تلوار ٹوٹ گئی

Writer: Naseem Hijazi


The book Aur Talwar Toot Gai PDF is another most-reading Urdu novel by Naseem Hijazi. This novel is the continuing part of Mozzam Ali, another excellent historical fiction. In this book, Naseem Hijazi described the successes of the Tipu Sultan in the Mysore War. It is about courage, bravery, war policies, and the command of the great Tipu Sultan.

Naseem Hijazi, the author of the book Aur Talwar Toot Gai Pdf, was born in 1914 in Gurdaspur, United India. He was a great Islamic historical and fiction writer. After the partition of British India, he migrated and settled in Abbottabad. He had extraordinary writing skills, which gave him much fame worldwide. He influenced the two generations of the Pakistani nation with his pen.

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